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Save the Children Arusha / Arushas venner

Friends of Arusha

Masai party because we have donated a water well so the village now has clean drinking water

Masai party because we have donated a water well so the village now has clean drinking water

Who are we?

We are a NGO with the aim to help people in Tanzania.

Through our organization Mount Meru Hospital have now received more than 30 containers with used equipment from Denmark. This includes advanced equipment like dentist equipment and ambulances but it also includes simple stuff like mattresses.

Into Africa: The works of Mama-Merete

"Working in Afrika is of course not like working in an industrialized country. When I first came here, the Mount Meru hospital was a very poor hospital. The locals avoided to go there telling that if you want to die, go to the hospital".

Now the situation is different. The recycled hospital equipment from Denmark is helping a lot. We have now a very well-functioning hospital.

But the story does not stop here. Together with Ahmed in Kigoma at the shore of Lake Tanganika I have started a highschool in Kigoma as well as a palm oil factory.

The highschool is for both boys and girls and since the students are from a very large area, the school is also a bording school. The palm oil factory? Well there are no other palm oil factory i Tanzania, we buy the palm oil as far away as Malaysia. Now the country is producing it's own palm oil.

Working in Africa is about patience, knowing the right people. Being a woman is also special since there are very few female leaders in Tanzania. Today my name is known all over Tanzania and I have recently hold meetings with the president of the country.

If you are interested, you are so very welcome to write to me. There is a book about me called 'Mama-Merete'. It is written in Danish, but you can read it free of charge as an e-book. The book is in Danish: "Mama-Merete. Mine 20 år i Afrika"

Our Projects in Tanzania